Immigrant Bred

When thinking about the key points I wanted to regularly address on my personal blog I had to really think about who am, what I am, what makes me –me.

I was fortunate enough to be born + raised in the Land of The Free, but I was raised with a contrasting culture – with a distinct identity. My parents were born natives to the exquisite country of Colombia, known for their eternal desired emeralds, world-class coffee and let’s be frank their first-class cocaine. With Pablo Escobar, the pioneer of Colombia’s drug trade, signaling the beginning of a drug trafficking era, Colombia was becoming exceedingly dangerous. Luckily, before any of these dangers could personally affect my family, my grandfather was blessed with what was a “once in a lifetime opportunity” to many Colombians. He was granted Visas into the United States of America, The Land of The Free for him and his family. My father at the time was feet if not steps away from reaching his life dream, he had been in the eyes of many scouters, looking to recruit my father for different Colombian Soccer teams – something my father had dreamed of his entire adolescences. Faced with possibly the hardest decision of his life thus far, my father chose the American dream. Leaving behind his entire life, including his life dream in order to give his future family what he never had.

Fast forward twenty-something-years, I came into play. My first language was Spanish, my first of many vacations was to the motherland Colombia at the age of two, my annual holidays were celebrated with 30+ family members in a small house – singing and dancing till 2 am, and the endless deviation between American and Colombian made up the pieces of the simple but vivid mosaic that were my childhood. Through the craziness that was my upbringing, through the many stories such as how my mother had to share 2 loaves of bread with her 11 siblings for dinner, I realized many things, the value of gratitude, perseverance, and most importantly – that I am Immigrant Bred.

And let me tell you something, there’s no one more vehement than an immigrant, but us first generation American’s come pretty darn close.



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