Top 3 Booking Sites for Cheap Travel

Seeing the world’s beauty and exploring its diverse cultures shouldn’t have to be expensive. Luckily, I am here to share with you some well-needed secrets on how to book cheap flights through my top-three favorite search engines + travel booking sites!

When using search engines and flight booking sites be aware that some have inflated flight costs, meaning some, such as Expedia are known to inflate rates at a higher rate than others, unlike the ones I will soon be discussing!



Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 5.24.34 PM.png
If you know me, you know I live by this booking site, Skyscanner. Whether I’m actively trying to book a flight or simply on my break at work scanning through the different prices seeing where the next cheap flight will take me, this booking site/search engine website has been close to perfect. It’s essential for future planning for specific locations or last minute booking.

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*My Personal Step-by-Step Usage of Skyscanner*


Google Flights

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The great thing about this search engine Google Flights, is the multiple amenities that it offers, you can choose between round-trips, one-ways or my favorite for traveling aboard, multi-trip tickets. You can specify your preferred airline, and not to mention you can also choose the specific times you would like your flight to depart and arrive.



Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 11.32.22 PM

One of my newer favorite search engines is KIWI, I would recommend using this site in situations where you are more willing to just find the cheapest new place to explore vs. using it to find a cheaper flight you know you need (i.e a wedding).  It not only allows you to choose more than one departure location, choose the date range option to departure and return vs. choosing one specific day, but also gives you the approximate costs of each country while appearing on the globe map, allowing you to see the most cost-effective places to fly.

Take your time when searching for cost-effective flights but do NOT go crazy looking for a cheaper flight, trust your gut – follow the tips I go over in my post How I, A Twenty-Something-Year-Old College Student Can Afford to Travel, use any of these three search engines and your sure to get an amazing deal! 

Feel free to leave comments or suggestions on my next travel trip!


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    1. They’re great sites with essential features! If you have any deeper questions, on how they work holla at me 😉 thank you for your support means the world to me 😘😘😘🤤


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