New Year’s Resolutions for Travelers

Now that the hangover has finally passed, it’s time to get our lives together!

Often times people ring in the New Year with their resolutions already written down and implanted in their brains – I, on the other hand, like to live on the wild side and had absolutely no idea.

*most likely due to this hangover feeling eternal, and not to mention I was too busy binge-watching the new season of Black Mirror*As we close the gates to a year filled with craziness, love, happiness,  and perhaps even loss and stress, I greet 2018 with open arms and with 5 Resolutions for Travelers:

Fully Explore Your Home State
Once you ignite your traveling fire abroad or among other states it becomes quite easy to feel as though you need to get out of your home state in order to feel your truly traveling or exploring new territory, when in reality there’s probably so much more to see in your home state than the average touristic landmarks. For instance, my home state is Florida and has been 98% of my life but I genuinely haven’t explored Florida outside of its common touristic locations such as Orlando, Tampa, Miami, Key West, etc. When actually, Florida has more to offer than Theme Parks and nude beaches filled with drunk people. *stay tuned: post on Florida’s Hidden Gems coming soon* Avoid Over Planning
One of the only regrets on my European Tour was that we packed too many countries into four weeks. Understandably, it’s easy to make this mistake when traveling abroad, you want to make sure to see as much as possible when traveling that far, as you don’t know when the next time you’ll be able to travel abroad, but if I learned anything from that trip it’s – patience is a virtue. Keep plans loose, as you might like one country more than another. Most importantly, truly experience the countries you’re in, soak it all in, don’t just make it another check mark on your list.

Pack Smarter
Guilty as charged. Lock me up and throw away the key.
I am the worst at packing, I often pack unnecessary extras just to find myself wearing the same 4 outfits on a trip, something has got to change. Come on, folks! Let’s make 2018 the year we master packing and leave the 4 sun hats that we MIGHT wear at home to make room for the shiny new things we’ll come across on our travels!

Go With the Wind
Book a flight to a completely new city that none of your Instagram feed has seen, something entirely under the radar. It’s often times the underrated countries and cities that are filled with the most memories. If you’re truly up for an ultimate adventure, book a trip through blind booking websites such as Pack up + Go where you select your mode of transportation + budget and they plan a surprise 3-day weekend trip!

Go Solo
TOP #1 on my list of resolutions for 2018 is finally taking an ultimate Solo Trip!
From flying alone to landing in a place I know no one, to experiencing the trip completely and utterly Solo Dolo. Of course, the perils of solo traveling have been the sole reason I have yet to complete this resolution, such as safety concerns and loneliness; I think the perks of solo traveling might be reason enough to do it! The thought of a wholly self-indulgent trip where I wake up when I want, I eat when and where I want, explore what I want sounds ever so dreamy. It’s your own day to salvage!

As the love of my life once said “Don’t be scared to walk alone. Don’t be scared to like it” – John MayerWhat are your New Year Resolutions? Comment Below!


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