Barrett House – Boulder, Colorado USA

Being my first time visiting a state located in the Rocky Mountains, I went in with this whole image in my head of what it would look like, what we would do, and without a doubt, where we’d stay.

We booked a stay at the Barrett House, located in Boulder, a city based in the Flatirons foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Although I had been exposed to photos of the Barrett House before our arrival, photos couldn’t even do it justice, never in my dreams did I imagine to have the ability to wake up in the middle of a mountain peak seeing the beauty I witnessed.

This 3 Bedroom 3 Bathroom house was intended and designed to commemorate the Colorado native Charles A. Haertling. Haertling was an American architect known for bringing together modernism and organic architecture, mostly known for his peculiar and unique residential homes in Boulder. He built the Barrett House in 1971, which since then has been kept to maintain its 1970’s decor. This 3,000 square foot home boarding the Roosevelt National Forest allows for surreal outlooks of the Indian Peaks, and in certain locations of the house, you can even catch glimpses of the Rocky Mountains!

Hot Tub
Cinema Room
Computer & Internet
Garage with Snow Sleds

Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 2.35.22 PM

Overall Review
I honestly couldn’t recommend someone to Boulder, Colorado without recommending them to stay at this magnificent home, it was such a pleasure to truly experience waking up in middle of the wilderness. A place so remarkable, cell service is the last thing on your mind!

Below are the links to booking your stay at the Barret House:
note: This recommendation has in no way been a paid placement or has sponsored our stay.
Trip Advisor

 Stay tuned, next week I’ll be discussing my entire Boulder trip in-depth, filled with Must-do’s, Restaurant + Bar Recommendations, and much more!



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