Ready, Set, GO! – Pack a Carry-on in Under 30 Minutes

If you’re anything like me, it’s the night before your trip and your luggage is still sitting at the edge of your bed- untouched and utterly empty. oops!
I’m a creature of habit, don’t look at me!

There’s something about not wanting all my precious daily items locked away all cage-like. Because who’s kidding, once all my items are sealed tight in my luggage there’s no going back; I’m not opening my luggage till its on foreign land in my hotel room. That’s what I like to tell myself to calm my anxiety but perhaps it’s just pure laziness! ha

If college taught me anything it was the art of cramming. Whether you yourself are a master of cramming or not, follow these few tips and tricks to packing efficiently and timely!

Lay It All Out


Whether you only have 30 minutes to pack or you’d just like to learn how to make packing faster while still being proactive; I recommend taking a few minutes to lay everything out. As you start to sort through your items and putting outfits together it also makes it easier to eliminate those items that were on the maybe list or just straight up no’s. We’ve all been the type of packers to just throw outfits in that we never even consider when we’re actually on our vacation. Make extra room in our luggage for items we ACTUALLY will wear.

Good Shoes Take You Good Places
Depending on where you are traveling to and from this may vary, especially if you are changing climates drastically. (ex. heavy snow to tropical)

Who am I to go against our Queen, Carrie Bradshaw when she said: “You can never have too many shoes.”? No one, I tell ya! but I’m sure even the Queen herself would tell you that when trying to pack in under 30 minutes especially in a carry-on we may only want to pack our basic essentials. A pair of tennis shoes or comfortable sandals for walking, a pair of cute neutral sandals for everyday outfits and perhaps a pair of wedges or heels (depending on location) for special occasions or dinners. Pack the wedges and everyday sandals at the bottom of the luggage and keep the tennis shoes out, as you should wear your bulkiest shoes to the airport (if reasonable).

SIDE TIP: pack your socks and undergarments in a ziplock type of bag and stuff them into your shoes for extra space.

Just Roll With It


Since my childhood days of traveling abroad to Colombia every summer, I was taught the only way to pack was to ROLL. Not only is it a good way to keep your clothes wrinkle free but it also helps utilize every inch of space in your luggage. Say Goodbye to sitting on your suitcase for it to close!

Stuff All Bags



We all know the struggle of accessories, especially in regards to purses; the constant in-between of not wanting to squish them and having to decide whether to pack more clothes or an extra purse. What if I told you, you can have both and avoid squishing? Instead of crushing or attempting to roll your purses, roll your clothes and stuff them into the purse! It’ll not only help keep the form of the purse but it’ll utilize as much space as possible, allowing you extra space for other items.

Jewelry ALWAYS Fits



After all the rolling you may need something shiny in your luggage to complete your packing. My favorite way of storing my jewelry without worrying of tangling is using this adorable Vera Bradley pill holder not only is it super stylish but it helps to organize your jewelry per day/per outfit!

Ready Set GLOW!



It wouldn’t be a proper packing guide if I didn’t remind you of the most important thing to pack, skincare products. Beautiful skin goes far beyond just miracles and being blessed, genetically speaking, its truly a day-to-day commitment! I personally take about 10 to 15 minutes daily to focus on solely my facial routine. I’ve become so accustomed to taking those 15 minutes every day that I sincerely feel empty when I don’t! It’s easy to forget about your daily routines when you’re on vacation, especially with TSA guidelines limiting the sizes of most of your products. That’s why I use travel size containers to store each of my products, although they’re much smaller than the original packing it can still last me over a week. Not to mention they come with prelabeled stickers of commonly used products to avoid confusion between containers! One of my best investments was my Vera Bradley cosmetic set, not only does it bring 3 spacious bags inside but the overall cosmetic bag is clear, making it extremely easy to take out during TSA check through!

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These are simply a few of the many tricks and tips I’ve learned through the way, although I’m still learning through trial and error, I hope some if any can be found useful to you!

Let me know in the comments some of your own packing tips!



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